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The Inspiring Women Jewelry CollectionpresentsJust in time for summer! 
from the "Chesapeake Bay Saga" by Nora Roberts
Available exclusively at Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe.

from "Whiskey Beach" by Nora Roberts
Abra's Water of the Sea BraceletAbra's Water of the Sea EarringsAbra's Water of the Sea NecklaceAbra's Celestial EarringsAbra's Ocean Wave Necklace
Whiskey Beach Bookmark

The flowers are beautiful . . . . .
. . . . . and the bees are loving it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Jewelry Accessories for St. Patrick's Day"

Getting ready for St. Patty's Day?
Why not jazz up your
"Luck of the Irish"
with our green accessories!
Check out two of our new chain maille pieces on The Cotton Thistle website. "Emerald All The Way" earrings
and "Emerald All The Way" bracelet. . .

or our "Shamrock Necklace. . .


Two additional pieces to the Eve Dallas Collection will be available on Saturday, February 23, 2013  exclusively Turn the Page Bookstore located in Boonsboro, Maryland.
Eve's "I Mean Business" stud earringsand
Eve's "Red Carpet Event" earrings
For more information on the pieces and other pieces in the Eve Dallas Collection check out www.ttpbooks.com
and don't miss the book signing on Saturday, February 23, 2013 from 12 - 2 pm.
It always loads of fun!

It's cold out there!

Hello Everyone & Happy New Year!We made it through the holidays and have now hit the bitter cold..........brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrThe babies, Logan, MacKenzie, Loche, Ian, Wally, Matilda (our Scotties), Scooter (our Blue-Tic hound dog) and Barkley (our Schnauzer) love running out in the crisp morning air and circling the perimeter of our property to make sure the deer have not overstepped their boundaries while the dogs were inside. CHECKING THE PERIMETER Of course there is always the pair of squirrels just egging the poor dogs on.  You would think by now the dogs would realize their legs can not possibly run faster as the squirrel run up the enormous oak trees to safety.  Poor Matilda still thinks she can climb a tree!  Not gonna happen :)BACKYARD DEER (in the middle of the city) It looks like its going to be a busy year for The Cotton Thistle.  I already have thoughts swirling in my head of carnelian, rubies and diamonds not to mention a few thoughts popping in there of beach themes!Until next time - KEEP WARM.J.

Happy Thanksgiving
Here's a quick Thanksgiving centerpiece I made up for our table this year. I wanted to try out the PB Inspired Burlap Candles. They are pretty easy to make. Here's the link: http://www.copycatcrafts.com/pb-inspired-burlap-candles/
I added some leaves, pine cones, etc. I purchased from Michaels and a white pumpkin that I painted with a touch of brown paint. Finished the pumpkin up with gold paint, placed it all on a gold-tone plate and TA-DA! - the centerpiece for Thanksgiving!
Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!
Main Entry: gratitude
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: appreciation
Synonyms: acknowledgment, appreciativeness, grace, gratefulness, honor, indebtedness, obligation, praise, recognition, requital, response, responsiveness, sense of obligation, thankfulness, thanks, thanksgivinghttp://thesaurus.com/

NEW to the Inspiring Women Jewelry Collection available at the Book Signing
September 15, 2012
Turn the Page Bookstore/Cafe
in Boonesboro, Maryland
"Everlasting Friends Bracelet"
"Eve & Roarke Wine Glass Charms"
"Eve & Roarke Wine Glass Charms"

Tea Time

Tea Time
Had a wonderful time at the Clarissa Massey Doll Club Tea on Saturday in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Gave a presentation on "The Inspiring Women Jewelry Collection" - how it all began and the process of designing the jewelry for the main characters in Nora Roberts books.
I then taught the ladies a class on making a necklace for everyone's Bleuette doll.
Great fun!
My green-eyed Bleuette with her new necklace!
Another Bleuette with her new necklace!
Presentation time!
Final glue touches on the necklaces.
Beading necklaces.
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