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Last day . . . . .

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Happy Monday Everyone!Today is the last day of my 10 day off period from my everyday office job! UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH! Where did the time fly? I have not accomplished nearly the amount of things I wanted to, but had a good time off anyway. I guess sometimes its better to just enjoy the moments and stop stressing about the little things in life because those little things turn out to be the things that will hold up your progress. I think that has happened more than once in the last 10 days!
Well, time to just keep trudgin along and complete the goals. I had a good 4 day run of organizing the computer files and then . . . . .
I had a good 3 days of just plain ole "no artistic juices flowing days"!  On the fourth day I started to panic. I was just trying to think about it toooooooooooooo much! So, I decided to just go along with it and take the Christmas decorations down, celebrate another birthday and see what happened next.And I got . . . . . . . . . . NOTHING!
I went to see my sister and visited some sheep (I love sheep) and read. And still I got . . . . . . . . . .  NOTHING - NOTTA - ZIP!
Then, it hit me - maybe I just needed some down time. I hate down time! I feel like its wasted time, but I have come to the conclusion that ours bodies and minds speak to us and we actually need to listen to them sometimes. So I am listening. Now that I have taken my down time, I am on a mission.
Today, I am hitting the floor with both feet and away I go . . . .


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Hi Everyone! I hope everyone had a glorious and wonderful Christmas and those who are still celebrating their holidays may it continue to be excellent in every way.On Christmas day after all the kids and grand-kids went home, Jim and I decided to take a trip over to D.C. to take a look at the National Christmas Tree and enjoy some “us” time. This is the first time we had been to the National Christmas Tree together. I know, it’s pitiful when you live 15 minutes from these things and you never take the time to enjoy them. We finally did and the little trip was well worth it! We had such a good time. Of course, Santa’s Workshop was closed and Santa was most likely enjoying a well-deserved rest, but the Nativity Scene, Yule Log, the fifty plus trees from each state with their ornaments, the Menorah and of course, the National Christmas Tree were gorgeous. I especially enjoyed the small towns set up around the tree with the trains winding their way through them and around the tree. Santa's Workshop Nativity Scene Yule Log  One of the state tree's with ornaments from that state  Washington Monument, National Christmas Tree and Menorah  Jim & I Over the last few days I have had the opportunity to ponder on various exciting ideas for the coming New Year. There are many things brewing for the website and the blog for The Cotton Thistle and Cottage Attic Crafts and also for The Cotton Thistle’s Etsy site!My plans, so far, are to post on my blogs once a week - on Mondays. I will also be keeping up on Twitter, announcing my posts and new items on the websites and online shops.So stay tuned and we’ll blog again on Monday! Until then have a safe and Happy New Year!


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Hi Everyone!
I have to tell you that I downloaded an app on my iPhone that’s called 365 Topics.  It’s great for bloggers who just want to come up with a random topic of discussion for the day.  Kind of cool.  If I had to sit here and contemplate something to write about a couple of times a week – it would never happen, hence my infrequency in blogging this past year.  I will be blogging most likely either at lunch or in the evening when I get home from work on the days I do work my behind the desk job.
When was the last time you cried?
I can honestly say the last time I cried was over this past weekend – I believe last Saturday night to be exact. OK, I was watching the Hallmark channel – who doesn’t cry during those movies!?!?!?!  They have got to be some of the best movies to watch during the Holiday season, well, they rate right up there with “The Christmas Story”.  So, everyone knows I’m a dog lover, a serious dog lover and of course I started watching the movie “A Dog Named Christmas”. Great movie – also a real tear jerker, even when you know, because it’s a Hallmark movie, it’s going to turn out good.  Well, the tears were just flowing, I love these types of movies, but I hate them too.  I just knew everything was going to work out for Christmas (the dog), but when he went missing after a miraculous event and then the Dad in the movie decided NOT to keep the dog and Christmas went missing again, I just wanted to shake some sense into that man!!!  It all worked out in the end and yes it tastefully drummed up every emotion I can think of in that small 90 minute period: sadness, happiness, fear, anger, sympathy, joy, etc.! GREAT MOVIE!
Pantone announced the top color for 2012 is ……………………………………………
***drum roll please***
So lets see what shows up in the jewelry line including that color ……….
Hmmmmmmmm ………. the wheels are turning
Have a great day!

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So, after much thought, I have decided that the one gadget I could do without would be my NOOK (sorry B&N;).  As much as I would hate to give it up I can still read books, REAL books!  In my jewelry business I have to read the advance readers copy anyway in order to have the jewelry made up BEFORE the book is released.  To be perfectly honest with you, I could do without any of the new technology or gadgets that are out there now for a week.  Seriously, back in the day they didn’t have all this stuff.  Well, there’s my answer. What’s yours?
It’s been a pretty nasty day – ALL DAY.  Rain, rain, rain.  Checked out all my other bloggers today that I am following and gosh there are sooooooooooo many neat things showing up on blogs for the Christmas season.  Do it yourself tags, envelopes, boxes, you name it and some GREAT decorations.
Saturday, December 10th, there will be a total eclipse of the Moon.  It will be visible from western North America and most of Asia and Australia.  I guess us folks here on the east coast are out of luck this time.
Speaking of Saturday, I hope to start decorating the house on Saturday for Christmas.  Four days a week I sit here at my desk in the office and look out at the Christmas tree they put up last week by my window.  It’s decorated so beautifully (past years have been worse than poor Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, although I thought it was pretty cute) – it’s hard not to get in the spirit.
Hmmmmm will we get snow???
Glad to be home now and time to read by the fire.


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I have always loved lighthouses and when I saw this picture I thought "how wonderful". 
I have spent my day updating the blogs that I follow personally to include them on my Cotton Thistle blog. I have been slacking terribly when it comes to blogging and have plans to change that as the New Year approaches.  There are so many sites and helpful hints out there for blogging and I need to use them : )
So I have spent my spare time today working on the blogs, deciding on new jewelry designs to use for new pieces on my website and reading. I found the new color forecast for the season. Doesn't it have beautiful colors?
Pantone Color Palette Fall/Winter 2011-2012
      Tomorrow - it's back to work and I think I'll address the question of what technology or gadget would I least be able to do without for a week? Oh, there are sooooo many LOL ! How about you?
Rain in the forecast for tomorrow once again - where's the snow?
Have a great evening everyone!

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Wishing all a joyous & peaceful Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween !!!

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Finally, some spare time . . . . .

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Finally, after 3 weeks of steady jewelry designing and handcrafting I had the opportunity to make a couple of items for decorating for Halloween at our house. My sister explained to me how to make these pumpkins heads that I fell in love with on a visit to her house a while back. Then, I found the witch and "Halloween" dictionary page on the internet, put them together (thank-you Photo Suite) and bingo - instant Halloween picture!

Garden Witch Jewelry

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Don't miss the new "Garden Witch Jewelry" available on Ellen Dugan, the Garden Witch website! Ellen recently opened her online store and she offers many exciting and beautiful items! Check it out!

Thistle Photo

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Taken last night out in my garden!
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