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November 2012

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Happy Thanksgiving
Here's a quick Thanksgiving centerpiece I made up for our table this year. I wanted to try out the PB Inspired Burlap Candles. They are pretty easy to make. Here's the link: http://www.copycatcrafts.com/pb-inspired-burlap-candles/
I added some leaves, pine cones, etc. I purchased from Michaels and a white pumpkin that I painted with a touch of brown paint. Finished the pumpkin up with gold paint, placed it all on a gold-tone plate and TA-DA! - the centerpiece for Thanksgiving!
Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!
Main Entry: gratitude
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: appreciation
Synonyms: acknowledgment, appreciativeness, grace, gratefulness, honor, indebtedness, obligation, praise, recognition, requital, response, responsiveness, sense of obligation, thankfulness, thanks, thanksgivinghttp://thesaurus.com/