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February 2012


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Happy Monday Everyone! NEW items have been listed on my website "The Cotton Thistle" AND on Etsy. I have some really great jewelry pieces on there - especially for your summer attire! So . . . . . . . . . .stop by - check 'em out and don't forget to like me on Facebook and you can "PIN" The Cotton Thistle now on Pinterest!
Here's a sample of a couple of the new items :
Dragonfly Necklace
Rhinestone Elelgance Earrings - Sterling Silver & Silvertone 
Warm Wave Necklace 

Back on February 6th, I began my adventure in making my own paper mache' bust for my jewelry and here's the "almost" completed item.  I still have to finish the edges and spray it with sealer and add a few extras . . . . . .
Oh, and the necklace is also a work in progress for. . . . . hmmmmmm - can't say right now!
Before:                                                    After (so far):                     
This weekend I was also able to pick up my finished "Flo" porcelain doll that hubby gave me for Christmas.  My sister made the dress and the necklace for Flo.
Susan (a friend of my sisters) made Flo. She does a wonderful job on the porcelain dolls and
hand-paints all of the features on the dolls!
Flo's name comes from the "waterfall hairdo" she sports :) 
I'll have a better picture of that next time and some more history about Flo and her clothing.

I also received two more dolls - one is 
"Lil Bo Peep"! Love her!!!
She even has a ewe that wasn't lost!!!
Until next time - have a great week everyone!


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Happy Valentine's Day !
Image courtesy of The Graphic's Fairy