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May 2011

Catching Up . . . . .

Well, this is Day 4 of walking "THE MILE" - down to the park and back.  Hubs and I decided we needed some serious exercising.  Started walking on Saturday and will walk 1 mile 5 days a week til we work up on the length and time.  It feels good and a great way to start the day.  I forgot how good your body feels after exercising!!!  I'm getting the Wii out tonight for tennis and some bowling each evening also.  Hubs is working on sit-ups and push-ups and I'm going to start the sit-up's ASAP!  I need them sooooooooo bad!  Sent out more "swaps" this morning - including a necklace and forgot to take a pic of it - uuuggghhh.  Still not enough time in tihe day for everything!  Have a great day everyone!

The "Girls Night Out" at Turn the Page in Boonsboro, Maryland was just great! Lots of fun and great fr\iends. If I can find some photos - will post!

On the way to Girls Night Out at Turn the Page in Boonsboro, Md!

Restful day!

Yesterday was eventful, hubs and I went to the Amish Market in Laurel, Maryland and stocked up for the month - they have great meats, veggies, fruits and breads! Afterward we stopped by my brothers to pick up old fencing he was getting rid of - had to have the old weathered pickets! Don't know why, but I see a craft project in the future :)This evening I am working on a necklace for the "Girls Night Out" at Turn the Page Bookstore/Cafe in Boonsboro, Maryland that is going to be held tomorrow evening at 6:30 at TTP. Should be loads of fun. The Cotton Thistle is raffling off the necklace and also asking for ideas from the ladies as to what type of jewelry classes they would like to see held in that area. We are tossing the idea around of having classes for jewelry making. Drop by the Girls Night Out party if you get a chance - it's ALWAYS loads of fun!This afternoon - before the rain hit - I chanced a camera shot of the bumble bee's out in the wysteria - on the deck it paid off. This one's entitled "HEADIN' FOR THE POLLEN!"
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

where's your blog spot?

I received an email today from The Blog Guidebook entitled "where's your blog spot"? Tell us about yourself...we want to know more about how, where, and why you blog.Well here goes......I just started really trying to blog consistantly and still have trouble sometimes finding the time. I blog whenever I get the chance and wherever I can. My favorite place is the back deck (when weather permits)
or at my "distressed look" desk (lol) in my "craft room/office" and sometimes in the dining room at the table there.
Most of my ideas come to life in the "craft room" where all the makings of the jewelry and crafts items are kept.
I have designed and made jewelry since I was a teenager, mostly for friends, family and myself. After raising my two boys and finally having some "me" time, I decided to begin selling the jewelry I was designing and here you have "The Cotton Thistle". Many of you have asked "What is a Cotton Thistle"? It is just another name for a Scottish Thistle. Yes, I have Scottish ancestry, along with German, American Indian and English. Why did I choose the thistle as my theme? The thistle has great meaning, "strength and protection".My biggest accomplishment in the jewelry business occurred when I was reading a trilogy of books and came up with the idea of creating a set of jewelry that was made with each main female character in mind and so began "The Inspiring Woman" collection. It is with great appreciation that I have been given the opportunity to design this jewelry for the characters in these books written by such a great, world-renowned author. It's also a lot of fun! Reading these books and designing the jewelry with the specific characters in mind, knowing so many women admire these characters, is an honor and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this possible!The ideas for the jewelry start forming when I begin to read.....
and that lovely lady (depicted in a bobble-head) :) in the picture is the author/creator of the stories that form the jewelry ideas!
I have so much fun doing this! Each day is filled with so many ideas and designs for The Cotton Thistle and the Inspiring Women Collection!Where do you blog?I'd love to hear from you!

Friday's Booksigning - April 29, 2011

Sorry, to be so late in posting - have been a little under the weather since Friday night! UUUGGGHHH The booksigning was so much fun - once again. I honestly have never been to a booksigning at Turn the Page that has not been fun! It was a beautiful day and everyone was so nice as usual! If you have never been to a booksigning at Turn the Page - please join us at one - they are a blast! I believe the next is scheduled for July 9, 2011. I will keep everyone updated on that one. There will be more jewelry coming out throughout the year and can't wait for the remaining books due out this year by Nora. I have begun "swapping" on Swapbot - not just ATC cards and crafts but also jewelry, so I will post pictures as I complete the items and if anyone is interested in an item comparable to the ones pictures for the swaps - just let me know. As far as the craft items go - jump on over the Cottage Attic Crafts blog (the link is listed above). Have a wonderful day everyone!