Taking a break - we will be back soon! 

February 2011

  Happy Valentine's Day!       

     Hopefully, my lilacs will bloom like this this Spring - have to wonder since a good 'ole deer decided to jump the fence, through the lilacs and then went back the same way after touring my herb garden.  Broke two very large branches coming in and two more going out!!! OUCH!
     Finishing up the new jewelry for Eve Dallas.  Looking good!  Will post pics before the 19th when it debuts at Turn the Page Bookstore/Cafe in Boonsboro.  Re-working ideas for the "Bite Me" keyrings for Eve because of issues with the bails. 
     Spoke with my sis a couple of days ago and will be adding a new webpage to The Cotton Thistle - stay tuned!!!  Keeping it under wraps for a while.  It will be loads of fun!

Rainy Day

We went to the Amish Market this morning in Laurel. Stocked up on good food for the month! They are the best! Meats, dairy, veggies, fruits, breads, pastries...........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Getting ready to make labels for the new boxes to keep inventory in at Turn the Page Bookstore. Laundry and the seems like a good day for reading more of "Shadow Fever" by Karen Moning!Tomorrow Boonsboro!

WoooHooo early SPRING !